What to Know About the Pinhole Surgical Technique

20 Mar

The Phoenix AZ Pinhole Surgical Technique, PST as it is commonly referred to has gained immense popularity and prominence in the contemporary dental industry than it did just a few years ago. It is a minimally invasive dental form of treatment that works by reversing the gingival recession without the use of sutures or grafting. Also known as the Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation or the Lunchtime Gum Lift, the procedure combines several periodontal surgical procedures from the traditional techniques including the guided bone regeneration and the coronary positioned flats which in the end help to reverse the gingival recession.Just the coronary positioned flap, CPF, the pinhole surgical technique gives the coronal positioning of the gingival margin time to cover the defects in the recession, but the difference comes in the way it is conducted after that. Instead of the scalpels, sutures, periosteal as well as the elevators, the procedure makes use of the small incision known as the pinhole into the mucosa apical which is pierced through the mucogingival junction all through the recession area into which the specialized tools are inserted to raise the flap. It is after the periosteum is raised and separated from the tooth and bone that the coronally is then pushed into the required position.

The most interesting phase of the Phoenix AZ Pinhole Surgical Technique is how the dental experts can keep the coronally in its new position without having to do any stitching. The periodontal profession uses collagen strips to hold and manage the new position throughout the healing process. The collagen strips, which are usually part of the collagen membrane known as the Bio-Gide which has been in use for a long time span in the periodontal industry but not for the same purpose but a variety of other reasons.

There are numerous benefits that are attached to the use of PST as a dental form of treatment over all the other options which explains why the industry has experienced an immense number of clients selecting the option over the others. One of the major reasons why most patients prefer the PST procedure is cost-effectiveness and convenience. In just one dental appointment, a client who chooses this technique can treat as many teeth as they wish and desire which is a total contrast of the connective tissue grafting where one was only allowed to treat a specified number of teeth. Other benefits include the short time that takes one to be treated, enhanced client reception, less pain, reduced risk of after the surgery trismus and fewer insurance limitations.

More info https://www.reference.com/health/surgical-techniques-used-repair-cystocele-c7a0bd41755e8266.

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